Grid Pro Manual - DVR

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Grid Pro Manual
Getting Started
The Basics
  1. Managing Media
  2. Playing Movies
  3. The Mixer
  4. The Sequencer
  5. Using FX
  6. The Preview Screen
Advanced Features
  1. The Gesture Slider
  2. Controllers
  3. The Fontsynth
  4. The Audio Player
  5. The DVR
  6. Shortcuts
  7. The Preset Manager
Optimizing Grid Pro

The DVR effect can be used to record video output directly to disk for later viewing, posting on the web, or for use in another video application. The DVR can be loaded like any other FX in GRID Pro, simply select it from the list of FX in the Add FX menu. You can create as many DVR's as you want, and each can be placed at any point in any FX chain.

To begin recording, simply press the record button in the the DVR interface. A new Quicktime file will automatically be created in your GRID Pro/Recordings/ folder. The DVR can be paused at anytime by clicking the pause button. Once you have completed recording to disk, click the stop button to stop recording and finishing writing the file to disk. If you wish to cancel the recording, click the cancel (X) button in the DVR interface and the recorded file will be immediately deleted.

Record Settings

  • In it's expanded view, the DVR FX lets you set the following records options: Codec & Quality: Choose between Component (uncompressed), PhotoJPEG, Motion JPEG, MPEG-4, and SheerVideo. Only choose the SheerVideo codec if you have it installed.
  • Frame rate: 30 fps for NTSC, 25 fps for PAL
  • Location: By default, all new video files are saved in the GRID Pro/Recordings folder/ and are automatically named using the date and time they were recorded. To select a custom location and filename, click the BROWSE button in the DVR interface.