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Videoinstrumentalism is the performed art of remixing audio visual materials into a live video feed. As far as I can tell Marko Kosnik coined the term on a post to the 55 list in 2001. Here it is in full.

videoinstrument, videoinstrumentalism:
video production as known in commercial video studios could be described as a multi-layered time compression process, very alike the compilers of divisions of one purpose jobs found in the principles military organisation. recalling the two part structure of social machines, one may observe the tasks reorganised for short cycle execution for humans, composing the social part of the machine on one side, interfaced with machine automata on the other side of modern ideological propaganda production.
it may take two years of man (female?) time work to compile one hour documentary acceptable for general european tv standards.
it may take fifty years of man (female?) time work for a documentary when reusing archived video materials.
it may take five thousand people running full time daily jobs to compile half an hour of cnn news, when produced on a daily basis. (5000*8h=40.000h/24 = 1666.6666667d / 365 = cca 4 1/2 years of man (female?) time work for half an hour of daily news)
videoinstrumentalism is a discipline which tends to reverse the engineering of video production, replace the low level narratives with abstract brain food and return the process of video production into the hands of individual, performing on the level of musician, controlling an video instrument in 1:1 time ratio (you may call it live if you want).
it just takes 24 videoinstrumentalists to produce non stop freshly generated tv program on the fly when each of them performs an hour per day - can be displaced and synced around the world.
(an excerpt from a lecture in preparation - first public exposure june 21 2001 at 21 hours in skuc gallery, ljubljana - slovenia - under the title "abstraction and action" reference: desktop cinema, web movies documents )
since woody vasulka, the pioneer of digital video was originating his early works in prague, while studying at film academy, it seems appropriate to call for an interest and rephrase the question: who are the artists, researchers and organisers interested in exchanging experiences, program, technology, software and visions in the field of synestesia, experimental film and video, digital video, live video connected to theatre, dance and music.
marko kosnik