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Plays well with others.

No two projects are the same; Big or small, VDMX scales to meet the needs of the job instead of the other way around, seamlessly integrating to work alongside your other favorite performance applications as needed.

Audio reactive.

Syncing your video effects with live audio is just a click away. A built-in audio analyzer translates any sound into light and movement with intelligent selectivity for volume, frequency, instrument and more. Now the audience can feel your show as well as see it.

Code, of course.

You love the power of using code to create custom graphics and effects. And now there’s VJ software that loves languages like Quartz Composer, Vuo and GLSL as much as you do, providing full integration for the most sophisticated effects you can come up with.

Step away from the computer.

When your show is live you need to be part of it, not buried in your computer. Set-and-play remote controls with VDMX let you run your effects wirelessly from an iPad or MIDI controller. Keep your eyes on the performance and VDMX will take care of the rest.

See VDMX5 in action…

CandyStations Visuals for
Sufjan Stevens’ the Age of Adz

Over the last few years Deborah Johnson, also known as CANDYSTATIONS, has closely collaborated with musician Sufjan Stevens on music videos, comedy sketches, and most notably mind blowing live visuals, some of which you can see in the trailer to the right.

“When I designed the visuals for Sufjan Stevens’ the Age of Adz, Sufjan and I wanted parts of the show to feel very artificial and Tron-like, complementing the awkward, handmade brilliance of artist Royal Robertson and my own designs. I also wanted to be able to ‘play’ visual instruments along with the band.”

You can read more about CandyStations and her upcoming fall tour on our blog.

Doctor Who copyright of the BBC

Eclectic Method’s
Doctor Who Remix Trailer

Perhaps the greatest honor a video artist from the UK can get, this year The Eclectic Method was brought on by BBC America to perform a 45 minute live AV remix of Doctor Who at SXSW in celebration of the shows 50th year. Preparation for the event included carefully cutting up samples from hundreds of hours of old episodes by theme along with creating original new music to match each section before sequencing them with Ableton Live and VDMX.

You can read more about how the Eclectic Method makes his remixes on our blog.

featuring “We Swarm” performed by Glitch Mob

Momo The Monster
Visuals for Glitch Mob

Touring with illuminated performance pods designed by Martin Phillips and video content by Mike Figge and his crew @ Possible, Momo was tasked with making their vision into a visual reality. What makes his setup especially unique is his custom OpenFrameworks application 'Glitch Lights' that feeds into VDMX using Syphon to control the light strips on the pods. A full detailed report available at Created Digital Motion.

featuring “Shadowtime” performed by Edison

Edison “Shadowtime” Video

Telling the story of humans marking time letting Edison’s insane finger chops do the talking, triggering mapped video projections and audio samples from a single controller.

featuring “You Are a Tourist” performed by Death Cab For Cutie

Nicholas Gould
DCFC “You Are a Tourist” Video

Visual designer Nicholas Gould worked with director and set designer Otis Bumblebee and Johnny Legostein shooting the worlds first “live, scripted, single-take music video”.

Four separate machines running VDMX were used to live trigger video files over MIDI and OSC with real-time FX and projection mapping via Quartz Composer.

featuring “1901” performed by Phoenix

Joakim Faxvaag
Visuals for Phoenix

Norwegian light designer Joakim Faxvaag shows us that concert video isn't just for VJs. Instead of a traditional projection surface he points a 15000 ansi projector from front of house directly at the band making the entire stage and the musicians part of his lighting rig with stunning results.

Visuals for Aphex Twin

With additional FX programming from Andrew Benson, flight404, and vade this is one of the wildest tour setups we've seen in a while… but you wouldn't expect anything less doing for the worlds most known electronic musician. Pitchfork may have said it best, “First, we can’t really talk about anything until we talk about the visuals.”

featuring “Caliper Remote” performed by Autechre

Memo Atken
“Amoeba Dance”

An example of a 3D shape created using a GLSL being animated using the VDMX audio analysis plugin to drive shape and FX settings. The original shader code and an in depth explanation available on the Mega Super Awesome Visuals blog.

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